The oil is perfect - doesn't leave my hair heavy, provides good shine and smells amazing. – Nicole​

It moisturizes and soothes itching due to my psoriasis. Gives my hair a natural glow and sheen would recommend it to anyone. – Tamkia​

As a natural hair stylist, at times it can be difficult to find products that work on a variety of hair types and textures.  For my clients of varying textures experiencing dry, flaky scalp Organic Growth Oil by JewelBeautyful has helped tremendously.  I also add it to my conditioner when doing deep conditioning treatments to improve moisture content and hair elasticity.  As a finishing product for separating curls and twists, it leaves a nice shine without the heavy build up.   Organic Growth Oil should be a staple in any hair stylists back bar! - Kenya​

Jewel OGO makes it easier for your hair to grow​
  • Softens and Stretches your hair ​
  • Protects your delicate ends
  • Adds definition to your curls and textured styles​
  • Adds shine and thickens your hair​
  • Detangles your hair and increases manageability​
  • Calms your scalp and reduces inflammation*​
*Note: Contains Castor oil and avocado

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Jewel OGO features a special blend of organic essential oils and nutrients that strengthens your hair.


All natural organic oils ​No mineral oils or parabens​No artificial ingredients​No synthetic lab created ingredients​No nut oils​Safe for sensitive skin and scalp ​